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Vallejo Surface Primer White - 400ml - 28010
Surface Primer White - 400ml - 28010
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Showing 1 - 24 of 32

The Hobby Paint primer series contains 31 different colors from the AFV, Infantry and Fantasy range within the Vallejo paints and has been specially developed to paint the figures and models in the fantasy colors, so that the base is already good and there is only attention to details to become. The color is easily recognizable on the spray can because the edge is sprayed in this color. That way you quickly recognize the right color. The handy transparent lid of the spray can also helps with this.

The spray cans are equipped with two different nozzles; a Skinny Cap and a Pocket Cap. The Skinny Cap provides a narrow flow of air, allowing you to make fine lines and spray more specifically for small details. The Pocket Cap has a slightly larger airflow capability, allowing broader lines or larger surfaces to be provided with primer.

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