Fluorescent acrylic paint

Enrich your miniature wargaming experience with our extensive selection of fluorescent acrylic paints from various renowned brands. In this category page we reveal a world of bold colors and creative possibilities to bring your miniature projects to life.

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Vallejo Model Color Yellow Fluo - 17ml - 70730
Model Color Yellow Fluo - 17ml - 70730
€2,79 €2,31
Vallejo Model Color Orange fluo - 17ml - 70733
Model Color Orange fluo - 17ml - 70733
€2,79 €2,31
Showing 1 - 24 of 41
Showing 1 - 24 of 41

Fluorescent Acrylic Paint from Different Brands:

  1. AK interactive : Discover the stunning neon colors of AK interactive, with a range of options ranging from glossy pink to bold yellow. Perfect for painting weapons, magical effects and aliens.

  2. Vallejo : Vallejo offers fluorescent acrylic paint in clear, long-lasting formulas. Their selection includes neon pink, green, orange and more, making your miniatures stand out on the playing field.

  3. Army Painter : Army Painter's fluorescent acrylic paint allows you to create advanced effects such as glowing eyes, laser weapons and luminous markings on bases. Choose from a range of intense colours.

    1. Liquitex Ink : Liquitex offers fluorescent inks with excellent coverage and clarity. Add a touch of magic to your wargaming figures with their neon colors.

Why Choose Fluorescent Acrylic Paint:

  • Add dynamism and visual impact to your thumbnails.
  • Ideal for highlighting strategic elements in the game.
  • Improve the visibility of your thumbnails, even in dark conditions.

Discover the Magic of Fluorescent Colors:

Step into the world of fluorescent acrylic paint and let your creativity run wild. With our range of colors from different brands, you can enrich your miniature wargaming projects with striking shades that attract attention and bring your game to life.

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