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Vallejo Metal Color is a water-based metallic paint. The Vallejo Metal paint has been specially developed for airbrushing, but can also be applied with a brush. Innovative aluminum pigments are used for the production of Metal Color. The result is exceptional clarity and exceptional reflectivity, which has not been possible until now in water-based metal colours.

Vallejo Metal Color: many different colors

The Vallejo Metal Color range consists of 18 beautiful metallic colours, all in 32ml bottles with a flip-top with pipette, such as:

  • Vallejo Metal Color Gold
  • Vallejo Gunmetal
  • Vallejo Metal Color Steel
  • Vallejo Burnt Iron
  • Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
  • Vallejo Metal Color Copper

In addition, we also sell a complete Vallejo Metal Color Set and associated products, such as Vallejo Metal Varnish or primer. Metal barrels, armour, industrial parts, aircraft or building finishes: you can imitate all kinds of metal finishes from all eras with the wide range of colors of Vallejo Metal Color.

Primer or no primer with Metal Color?

The Metal Color paint is nice and fluid, covers perfectly, has good resistance and adheres well to both resin (synthetic resin) and plastic. With the Vallejo Metal paint you can perform all painting techniques with ease, with a superior effect. Even the smallest details on models are preserved. Using primer is not necessary per se. To emphasize the special qualities of the pigments, it is best to pre-spray with the Gloss Black Primer from the Metal Color collection.

How do you use Vallejo Metal Color?

You can apply Vallejo Metal Color directly to the model with an airbrush or brush. Shake the paint well before use. If you want to thin the paint, it's important to do this before pouring it into the airbrush cup. You can mix colors in the airbrush cup, for example with colors from the Vallejo Model Air or Vallejo Game Air collections.

Metal Color dries quickly, so you can start with weathering, pigments and other dry-brush techniques almost immediately. However, we recommend waiting at least an hour before applying the first coat of paint for optimal results.

Order Metal Color from Vallejo online at Scenery Workshop

You can easily order all your Metal Color paint from Vallejo online at Scenery Workshop. Do you need help? Please contact us. We are happy to help you find the right products. For all other questions about how to best use this paint, you can always send us a message.

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