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Createx TC 20C Compressor
TC 20C Compressor
€125,00 €103,31
Sparmax TC610HN Compressor
TC610HN Compressor
€279,00 €230,58
Sparmax TC-610H Compressor (with hood)
TC-610H Compressor (with hood)
€289,00 €238,84
Hansa Aero-pro HTC 20A Silent Compressor
Aero-pro HTC 20A Silent Compressor
€385,00 €318,18
Werther Sil-Air 20A Compressor
Sil-Air 20A Compressor
€449,00 €371,07
Harder & Steenbeck SinCom Compressor Oil /32E - 500ml
Harder & Steenbeck
SinCom Compressor Oil /32E - 500ml
€21,50 €17,77

You cannot do without a high-quality airbrush compressor if you decide to paint with an airbrush. It is a crucial component, because the device partly determines the quality of your paintwork. You can buy the best airbrush, but without a decent compressor the end result will be disappointing. That is precisely why we only have high-quality model compressors in the range, for example from the Werther brand. Contact us for expert advice, or order online now.

What type of airbrush compressor do I need?

The membrane compressor is popular with modelers. Such an airbrush compressor is ideal for the modeling hobby, where you strive for accurate results on small surfaces. Ideal for painting scenery and dioramas. A major advantage of the membrane variant is that this model requires little maintenance. This is in contrast to a whisper-quiet compressor. Although such a device is quieter, it also requires more maintenance. Do you choose a model with oil? Then make sure that the oil is maintained. Check it regularly and top up if necessary.

Ideal pressure for modeling

With an airbrush for modeling, you are not going to paint huge surfaces. Therefore, extremely high pressure is not necessary. Model builders usually opt for a maximum pressure of 3 bar. Usually 1.5 bar is used. Anyway, it is useful to choose an airbrush compressor that delivers at least 1 bar. Note that water-based paint requires a little more pressure than thinner worn paint. Incidentally, a pressure regulator should not be missing in order to work as accurately as possible.

With or without water separator

It is wise to choose a compressor with a water separator. Usually this separator is included. The airbrush compressor generates water vapor. In addition, oil is sometimes also released if it concerns an oil compressor. The water separator ensures that moisture is separated, which benefits the result of your paint job. In addition, you benefit from clean air during painting.

Check the noise level

When purchasing an airbrush compressor you can take the noise into account. Some models are quite noisy, while others are almost silent. You may not lie awake at a decibel more or less, but many modellers find an excessive noise level disturbing.

We recommend choosing a compressor that does not exceed 55 decibels, so that you can work comfortably. This also prevents you from disturbing fellow residents and neighbors, especially if you like to work late at night. In our range you will find particularly quiet airbrush compressors, where the sound reproduction is comparable to a refrigerator.

Different brands

In the assortment of Scenery Workshop you see compressors for the airbrush of different brands:

  • Createx
  • Sparmax
  • Sil-Air

These brands are all from the Werther factory, located in Italy. You can count on excellent quality and a long service life. Price differences between different devices can be explained, among other things, by the presence of more advanced functions and the noise level. Of course we have a suitable model for beginners available!

Expert advice on airbrush compressors

We are a real specialist shop and are therefore happy to advise you on the purchase of a compressor. Especially for beginners, the world of airbrushing sometimes seems quite complicated. So feel free to contact us, call or send a message. For more depth, you can also look at our range of books, where we have a lot of useful teaching material for model builders. No need for help? Order your airbrush compressor online now!

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