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Werther Sil-Air 20A Compressor
Sil-Air 20A Compressor
€449,00 €371,07
Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush Service Maintenance Kit - 217500
Harder & Steenbeck
Airbrush Service Maintenance Kit - 217500
€31,50 €26,03
Sparmax TC610HN Compressor
TC610HN Compressor
€279,00 €230,58
Sparmax TC-610H Compressor (with hood)
TC-610H Compressor (with hood)
€289,00 €238,84
Sparmax Air hose braided 1/8 - 1/8 - 3m - 884114
Air hose braided 1/8 - 1/8 - 3m - 884114
€18,50 €15,29
Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush holder in Evolution-Design
Harder & Steenbeck
Airbrush holder in Evolution-Design
€19,90 €16,45
Harder & Steenbeck Quick Fix for Evolution Airbrushes - 123663
Harder & Steenbeck
Quick Fix for Evolution Airbrushes - 123663
€23,50 €19,42
Harder & Steenbeck Endpiece for Silverline Evolution Airbrushes - 123573
Harder & Steenbeck
Endpiece for Silverline Evolution Airbrushes - 123573
€17,50 €14,46
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Most modellers will sooner or later buy an airbrush. Such a device is ideal not only for large surfaces, but also for more detailed work. Furthermore, the airbrush is extremely suitable for weathering models, because it is easy to apply thin layers of paint. Are you looking for an airbrush for beginners? Feel free to ask us for advice. We have everything in-house, for both the novice and advanced airbrush user.

Superb results with the airbrush

How does it actually work? An airbrush is an air-powered spray gun with which (diluted) paint is applied. These devices are popular within modeling, scenery building and wargaming hobbies. Unlike when using a brush or brush, you no longer suffer from annoying streaks. The thin layers of paint also ensure that details remain more visible.

We carry a wide range with everything for the airbrush. Top brands such as Iwata, Harder & Steenbeck, AK Interactive and Werther are not missing. When you get started with the airbrush, you naturally need several components. We describe these below.


The airbrushes , also called paint sprayers or paint guns, form the basis. With a single action gun you can only control the paint supply. If you choose a dual action paint sprayer, you can also control the air supply. The single action variant is often seen as the ideal airbrush for beginners, while the experienced user goes for dual action.

Airbrush compressor

To be able to work with an airbrush, you need an airbrush compressor anyway. This device provides the supply of air. Usually a pressure of 1.5 bar is sufficient. The better the quality of your compressor, the better your paint results. Note that some compressors produce more noise than other models.

Airbrush paint

The range includes paint in countless colors and types. Not only is there water-based airbrush paint , there are also plenty of paint types that are thinner-based. What you use often depends on your personal preference. We have brands such as Tamiya and Vallejo available.

Airbrush sets

Especially beginners often choose airbrush sets . Logical, because such a set contains everything you need: a paint sprayer, compressor, air hose, cleaner and paint. You can start right away. In addition, choosing a set is often a bit cheaper, compared to buying everything separately.

Airbrush maintenance and parts

It may not be the favorite part of the hobby, but an airbrush needs ongoing maintenance. After all, you are not waiting for guns that get stuck due to dried paint, just to name a few. Scenery Workshop supplies everything for maintenance in the online store. Numerous individual parts and accessories are also available. Think of holders, pipettes and air hoses.

Advice from real specialists

We experience that many hobbyists find the step to an airbrush quite big. It all looks a bit more complicated compared to a jar of paint and a brush. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you are a fan of miniature wargaming, historical modeling or model railway. It does not matter, we are happy to help every modeller with expert advice. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know better than anyone how to best handle the airbrush. Furthermore, it is of course possible to order one of the books from the range, because you will have access to even more relevant information and tips.

Buy an airbrush now

You can buy everything for the airbrush at Scenery Workshop. We have a huge selection, so that every modeller can find suitable articles. Our expert advice makes it easier to make the right choice. Do you already know what you need? Then you can order directly through the webshop. Take advantage of our fast delivery, so that you can get started with the airbrush soon!

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