DSPIAE DSPIAE Single Blade Nipper 3.0 - ST-A

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The DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 nippers utilize a single-bladed design that elevates the ability of a nipper to cut plastic smoothly and efficiently.

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Product description

DSPIAE DSPIAE Single Blade Nipper 3.0 - ST-A

The DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 nippers utilize a single-bladed design that elevates the ability of a nipper to cut plastic smoothly and efficiently. The nipper is produced using specially forged steel that has undergone high-temperature smelting allowing extreme hardness and has the charateristic red DSPIAE color.

The blade of the 3.0 is then carefully polished, creating a beautiful mirror-like surface that enhances the smoothness of the cut and improves the comfort of use.


This product is of a single-bladed design. It is specially designed to improve cuts on plastic models and improve the efficieny of the builder. In the blade has been tested to withstand more than 50.000 cuts on a 3mm plastic rod, ensuring the longevity of the blade. The handle of the nipper has utilized ergonomics in its design ethos, reducing stress on the hand and improving comfort.

Improvements have been made to the rear of the nipper with the inclusion of a limiting rod and screw. This improvement effectively prevents damage to the nipper caused by excessive force or openings.

The leather protecter is made by stamping and sewing genuine cowhide. The leather quality is superb and the sewing is intricate. The cover also has a buckle design that prevents the nipper from sliding out of the cover, protecting the nipper from any unintentional damage that may com from dropping the nipper.

Product includes:

  • Single-bladed nipper DSPIAE ST-A 3.0
  • Cowhide nipper protector
  • Limit regulator
  • Cleaning Cloth

Usage of the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 nipper

  1. First, remove the pieces by using the nipper to cut the pieces of the gates. Refrain from cutting directly of the runner's thick plastic and other types of thick plastic. Cutting excessively hard runner may result in damaging the nipper.
  2. Place the blunt edge of the nipper on the flat side of the intended piece. The blade should be gliding along the side of the piece as much as possible.
  3. Cut perpendicularly to the gate of the pieces, to ensure that the gate is cut cleanly. This will reduce the need to touch up after. For gates placed in the middle of the piece Because of the design of the nipper, gates placed in the middle of the piece requires a secondary cut with a hobby knife or file to touch up

Precautions when using the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0

  • The blade The blade edge of the nipper is slightly lower than the blunt end. This is to prevent the nipper from having misalignment issues caused by the stress exerted by the plastic gates during the cutting process The blunt end
  • The blunt end is slightly higher than the blade edge, allowing the blade to land on the blunt end during the cutting process, preventing misalignment use When cutting the plastic runner with the nipper, please cut perpendicular. Avoid cutting from an angle as it may damage the nipper. It is normal for plastic to show stress marks.
  • Please avoid cutting runners that are thicker than 3mm and runners with hard plastic materials such as ABS, transparant runners or resin. These runners may cause irrevocable damage to the nipper.


How to take care of the nippers:

  • Please avoid placing the nipper in humid locations. Do not place the nipper in to water. If there are any water residues on the nipper, please wipe clean and use anti-rust oil to effectively prevent rust on the nipper.
  • Take in mind! Please refrain from cutting plastic sheets, as to protect the integrity of ht nipper and it's continual use. The tip of the nipper is very fragile. Please avoid cutting pieces wih the tip of the blade, but rather with the middle of the blade. This prevents any potential damages that can be caused to the blade.
  • Please do not change the angle of the cut to prevent damages caused to the blade. Throughout the cutting process of cutting, the blade edge should be perpendicular to the runner or gates. The blade is very sharp and there should be minimal effort required to cut efficiently.
  • As transparante parts are mouldd using materials many times harder than normal plastic, please do not cut the runners of directly. This may result in misalignment issues or even breakage of the nipper. Please cut the pieces through the gates as intended.

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